The latest information from the National Weather Service in Miami has shown Hurricane Dorian solidly committing to a hard right turn northward potentially impacting the Carolina's, outer banks and the beautiful white sandy beaches from Cedar Island to Buxton.

National Weather Service Miami - Aug 31, 2019 5 pm

Presently Dorian is still far out into the Atlantic heading for the northwestern Bahamas with a predicted 'life threatening' storm surge and devastating winds.

While the new predicted track still has a lot of wobble room over the next forty-eight to sixty hours for the moment it looks as though Florida may be catching a break but at this time of year in the hurricane business a break for one area usually only means disaster in another.

The Carolina's risk factors just jumped and while fuel and water are long sold out in S Florida, expect to start seeing runs on goods along the upper east coast as people prepare. Folks in Florida can feel a little better about already being in the hurricane snacks.

Dorian has shown a remarkable propensity for quick development, rapidly spinning up overnight to mature hurricane status with intense thunderstorms in the eyewall ring with very cold cloud tops. This was aided by Dorian's passing over some very warm areas in the Atlantic in the Bahama's.

As long as the upper level northerly winds continue to shear away at the storm, it may end up staying well to the east and away from massive mainland damage. Or everything could change again overnight.