Oh, hey, look, it's hunky actor Jake Gyllenhaal, all sorts of naked and showing off his butt on a film set.

Quick, somebody call his ex, Taylor Swift! She may be tempted to revise her lyrics to 'We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together,' which were reportedly about her short-lived romance with the actor.

Gyllenhaal, 33, was on set of his new movie 'Everest' in Rome, Italy. He clearly had zero inhibitions about being clothes-free. While his backside was in full view, some tape and a pouch of some sort was placed over his private parts, so he didn't rock the full-frontal.

The film is about the 1996 Mt. Everest hiking expedition that left hikers to combat a major snow storm.

You can get a look at Jake's butt by clicking the blue button below, but enter at your own risk, because his cheeks are not covered and are in full view. It's NSFW.

We think he has the best body, like, ever! Looking good, Jake. It makes us want to get a job as a PA on this film.