If you ever wanted to play an epic round of Catchphrase with Jimmy Fallon and James Franco, you're in luck: The two basically did just that in a new 'Tonight Show' game called '5-Second Summaries,' in which one person has only five seconds to deliver clues about the film's plot in order to have the other person guess the movie.

While the two were kind of messing up the rules left and right at first, they eventually got into the groove (one of our favorite clues? Fallon describing 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' to Franco: "It's a bunch of girls … they send slacks to each other in the mail") -- but the best part is when the host has to describe 'Pineapple Express' to Franco, one-half of the film's stars.

At that point in the game, the amount of time the clue-giver had had dwindled down to a measly one second, so Fallon tried the best he could to make Franco guess correctly, squinting his eyes and saying, "You" in his best stoner voice and pretending to puff on a joint.

Of course, Jimmy couldn't let James go without a selfie tutorial. The actor, who often took pictures with fans after his Broadway performances, gamely taught the late night host how to take the perfect selfie.

Watch James Franco and Jimmy Fallon play '5-Second Summaries' and perfect the art of the selfie in the videos above and below!