Jeff Goldblum was recently on Late Night with Seth Meyers and sang his own lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme song... and it was amazing!

Fun fact: I am obsessed with dinosaurs. I have dino books, stickers, my 21st b-day "party" was dinosaur themed, etc. So, I consider the Jurassic Park movies to be the best trilogy, soon to be quadrilody (if that's even a word), of all time.

Jeff Goldblum made my week by singing lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme on Late Night With Seth Meyers. It's only a quick verse, but totally worth watching! If you decide to sing-a-long during the second half of the clip I will help you out and give you the lyrics right now so you are prepared!

In Jurassic Park

Scary in the dark

I'm so scared that I'll be eaten

--Late Night with Seth Meyers