IT'S HERE!!! The trailer for Jurassic World IS HERE! Can you tell I'm incredibly excited? I can't help it... I LOVE DINOSAURS!!!

Jurassic Park is back and better than ever! Actually, it's soooo amazing that they have to call it "Jurassic World"!! This movie is going to be EPIC. Not only are all of my favorite dino's back, but there is a new hybrid, crazy terrifying, dino on the loose and I can't wait!

Oh, you guys might not know this, but I am a Dinosaur enthusiast. Seriously... I love dinosaurs! I have dino books, stickers, temporary tattoos, I even had a dino themed 21st birthday party. My love for dinosaurs is no joke. I consider the Jurassic Park series to be my favorite trilogy aaaand now it's my favorite quadrilogy? Is that a thing? All I know is that I will be the first person in the movie theater on June 12th. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

-- Universal Pictures