Justin Bieber is the new face of Calvin Klein, but honestly I could care less what jeans or underwear he is wearing because the only thing I'm looking at are his abs!!

I think we all need to take a moment of silence to reflect on the beauty that is Justin Bieber (and his abs) in the new Calvin Klein ads. Shhhhhh

Ok, now that that's done... HOLY PISFBGAHJSUGKGLW Justin Bieber is such a babe! I used to maybe (kinda/not really) feel weird saying that, but not anymore!!! The Biebs is all grown up and putting those tattooed arms and rippling abs to good use, I just want to know WHO THE BEANS is the girl with him?! Why isn't it me? I would like to watch Justin play the drums and hug him tight and pretend like he is my boyfriend... it's not fair. I need to find a way to grow a foot and become a model.

If you've read everything above and STILL haven't seen the Calvin Klein ads please do yourself a favor and watch them now!

-- kidrauhl

Ohhh anddd then there is this one of JB in his underwear dancing around and looking all sorts of perfect.

-- kidrauhl