With the media speculating that the Biebs is about to have a complete nervous break down, Justin shut down the haters with a carpool karaoke style jam sesh to Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on My Guitar". Because nothing says "I'm fine" like a T-Swizzle sing-a-long.

I'm being completely serious. Re-reading the above sentences I can see how they could be taken as dripping in sarcasm, but I actually think JB's Tay Tay karaoke is amazing. Say what you will about Justin and some of his less than stellar behavior, but the Biebs in this video is acting like normal twenty-something-year-old and it is giving me just a glimmer of hope that he hasn't lost his mind.

He's not peeing in buckets or cuddling with wildcats, he's just chilling with his friend and blasting Taylor Swift on the radio.


Keep up the carpool karaoke, JB, it's flipping adorable, not to mention completely normal. Seriously, if you need another friend to jam out to T-Swizzle to I'm totally your girl.

[via Instagram, Justin Bieber]