So you think you can dance?

Justin Bieber demonstrates that he can bust a move. In fact, he can bust several. The ‘Boyfriend’ singer has shared video footage from his dance rehearsals for his Around the World promo tour before he headed off to Norway, where he nearly brought the country to its knees due to a fan frenzy. Beliebers went nuts at the sight of him. Before he left on that sojourn, he worked his butt off during the May 17 rehearsal, as this vid demonstrates.

One of his dancers admits she’s in need of oxygen from all that practicing on the wood floor. The producers talk about practice making perfect, and then we see The Biebs, looking cute in skinny sweats, kicks and a baseball cap. His dancers are new and he’s never grooved with them before but they quickly established chemistry and unity.

Here, The Biebs proves that he has not only Michael Jackson‘s falsetto, but his moves too. He’s got swag, swag, swag by the truckful. This boy can groove.

Biebs only addresses the camera at the end, saying he is on his way to Norway. Little did he know about the drama that awaited him. Hindsight is always 20/20.

He asks the dancers and people in the background to say “hi” to Beliebers, too. He whips off the cap, and his famous coif is a total mess. That’s what happens when you work hard at your craft. Disheveled hair is a small price to pay for perfecting his dance tricks.

Watch Justin Bieber Rehearse for Around the World Promo Tour