While in the land down under, Kanye West gets rushed to a hospital and BET reports a petition is launched to reopen investigation into music exec Chris Lighty's death.


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Woman’s Day reports Kanye West was rushed to a hospital on Wednesday.  The rap superstar is in Australia on tour and obviously needed emergency care.

AllHipHop reports, one witness an account of what they saw saying, “Next thing we knew, Kanye was stretchered in surrounded by security. He had one side of his face covered with something white.  We both knew it was him because we had seen his photo in the paper every day and we were shocked because it looked so serious.”

Apparently Yeezy needed an emergency MRI after suffering a migraine and the hospital cleared out the waiting room so he could get private treatment. Kim wasn’t seen at the hospital, but that’s not to say she wasn’t there.  Woman’s Day reports she was in the country.

TMZ reported that the rapper was hospitalized for an “intense migraine”, however they added Ye was playing basketball prior to sick.  The good news is doctors released Kanye later that afternoon after determining his condition wasn’t life threatening.  For even more details, listen to Tha Wire below.  In the meantime, he recovered and performed last night.  He also went into another one of his rants.  This time, it appears to be addresses to someone in his own crew.  Check out the video below.

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Finally, a petition has been started by the brother of the late Chris Lighty in an attempt to reopen an investigation into his death.  David Lighty, his family and many who knew Chris, ain’t buying the suicide story. As a matter of fact a month after his death, 50 Cent hired a private investigator , who concluded there was no “possibility that Chris Lighty would commit suicide over money” or his wife, Veronica Lighty.

Supposedly Chris took his own life over money and marital problems.  As previously reported Violator Management co-founder Chris Lighty’s lifeless body was discovered outside his home two years ago, with a single shot to the head and his death was ruled a suicide.  However David Lighty and launched a petition in hopes that authorities will take another look at the evidence.

In part the petition read; "requesting that the city of New York provide the needed materials" for the family to do "gun residue tests" in addition to an "independent autopsy" to be conducted by forensic pathologist Michael Bade.

The 44-year-old father of six was found dead outside his New York condo in August 2012, with a 9mm pistol next to his body. The shooting was ruled a suicide, by way of a single shot to the head, however, releasing details from his death will allow for a closer look “at the facts and help my family get some closure as we do not feel that Darrell committed suicide.”

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