Yep, Tyga's mugshot is framed all nice and cozy on a shelf in Kylie Jenner's gorgeous home. Do you think it's always there, or is she just trying to give people another reason to buy her app?

Kylie Jenner gave fans, aka people who spend $2.99/month on her app and website, an inside look into her $2.7 million mansion, and it was basically everything you'd expect to see in a Jenner household. All black and white decor, beautiful fire place, cookie jars filled with neatly stacked Oreo's... Oh, and Tyga's mugshot framed in her living room. What!  Why?

She couldn't find a better pic of her boo, Tyga, to frame for her fabulous house? I'm seriously thinking this was a publicity stunt, and it worked. Now, I kind of want to spend a stupid amount of money on the Kylie Jenner app just so I can see what else is hiding in the rest of her house.

I think it's about time we crown Kylie the Queen of extending her 15 minutes of fame, this girl is a genius!

[via entertainment tonight]