The deputies learned of a van with stolen plates near Highway 171 and Lavergne Road in Moss Bluff. Approaching the van they spoke with the driver and a passenger and learned the owner of the van was sacked out in the rear cargo area.

The deputies rousted out the owner out of the back of the van and he didn't have an ID. They asked about the stolen license plate, said he bought the van a couple of months ago and never registered it. Then they asked him if the meth and marijuana in the van were his and he said yes. Asked his name he gave the deputies a fake one, just one wrong answer after another in the dark in Moss Bluff.

CPSO Sr. Cpl. Kevin P Fontenot, the arresting officer in the case was able to determine the sleepy van owners true identity as Ronnie S Woods of Baton Rouge, and advised Mr Woods he had a warrant out on him from East Baton Rouge Parish for failure to register as a sex offender on an oral sexual battery rap in 1999, and molestation of a juvenile in 2007. Woods is also supposed to carry at all times a sex offender identification card which he couldn't present, which is another violation on his sex offending requirements.

The snoozy van owner was booked on illegal possession of stolen things less than $1000, possession of CDS II; possession of marijuana; possession of drug paraphernalia; resisting an officer by refusal to ID; failure to register and notify as a sex offender; and failure to comply with sex offender identification requirements.  Judge Robert Wyatt set his bond at $55,000.