The hope is that by the first time the LSU Tigers football teams hits the field this fall tailgaters and fans of LSU will be able to imbibe on an Official Beer of LSU. While the NCAA keeps a good public front as far as alcohol is concerned there shouldn't be any issues with the govern body of collegiate athletics regarding this connection between beer and a member school.

The beer is to be brewed by the Tin Roof Brewery based in Baton Rouge. Co-founder of Tin Roof, William McGeehee says fans who are 21 and older are invited to visit the companies website to find out more about the selection process.

We’re doing a tasting panel on Jun 14 and June 18, where the people who get selected will get to taste between 8 and 10 test batches that we’ve done.

If you'd like to be on a tasting panel you do have to register. If you're a beer lover you'd probably like to do that to make sure the Official Beer of LSU doesn't taste like something you'd wring out of a post workout sock.

We’re shooting to release this just before Labor Day, which is when LSU kicks off Wisconsin. That’ll give us plenty of time from whenever we name the winner to get in all of our ingredients and brew it on the big scale.

McGeehee's comments to the Louisiana Radio Network suggested that having the opportunity to produce an official LSU beer is not only a big responsibility but quite an honor for the company. As far as the university is concerned.

We had some meetings, and people thought that it could be a good idea. So we started there and then it eventually got approval from, I guess, everyone who had to give it approval at LSU, and here we are.


What characteristics do you thing a LSU beer should have? I think it would be a beautiful gold in color. It would have a big bold flavor. Each sip would fill you with a spirit of victory. It would also be too much to handle if you're an Ole Miss or Alabama fan.