Big Break contest winner Madison Applegate is now in Dallas, Texas training for her music video debut with voice coach Linda Septien. The 16-year-old singer's biggest task? Perform her contest audition song in a different key.

Madison's second day started early.

"I started off the day with all the producers and Linda in our hotel room, and we kind of discussed what song to choose, how we wanted to arrange it," said Madison.

From there, Madison visited the Septien Entertainment Group building for a voice lesson from Linda Septien, who's worked with Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson and several "American Idol" finalists.

"That was incredible," Madison said, adding: "I've taken voice [lessons] for a long time, but her approach is totally different than anything I've ever done."

Madison explained Septien's unique use of physicality during the vocal training, which included having her sing scales while lifting weights and jumping on a trampoline.

But the ultimate test was reworking her audition song, "Thoughts of You." That meant putting down her ukelele, picking up a guitar and singing the song as a soprano -- the latter something she didn't even know she could do!

"I'd always been told I'm either a mezzo soprano or alto," she said, adding that she's really excited by the new revelation.

Listen to the rest of our interview with Madison below!