He loved Salmon Sashimi and after all the FDA say's eating raw salmon is OK as long as the fish has been frozen first to kill out any parasites. And the FDA is part of the US Federal Government which we can all trust, right?

But on an August Monday, the salmon lover reported to a San Francisco emergency room, presenting with stomach cramps and bloody diarrhea.


WARNING: Stop Reading Here And Go Read Something Else If You're Squeamish -

OK, what happened to the man in his bathroom is what frightened him into calling an ambulance.

He spotted something hanging, uh... from his rear end. His first thoughts were that his guts were coming out, so what did he do? He pulled on the object, and pulled, and pulled. And he started to wrap it around an old toilet paper roll, he noticed it was moving. Yeah, you read that correctly, it was moving. That's when he called an ambulance.

At the Emergency Room, doctors measured the tapeworm at 5.5 feet and noted they can get up to 30 feet. According to the CDC, the worm was a Diphyllobothrium latum, the most common and largest of tapeworms that can live in a human stomach.

The 30-year-old in question announced to the ER staff that he ate sushi every day, or almost every day until this. He was given medication to kill any other worms he might have.

Supposedly that very night in the ER he swore off sushi for life.

The whole nasty story with color photos is here. Just remember I warned you.