After waiting most of the day and checking the weather every 15 minutes in case the laws of physics on this wobbly space ball spinning at 24,000 mph had suddenly changed.

Martin Crespo

The Weather Calls For Rain

As of this writing, we've received no official alert from anyone that the parades are being affected by the rain - at 1 PM the National Weather Service at Lake Charles says:

This afternoon cloudy with a high near 57, NE winds at 5 mph, 60% chance of rain with a quarter to a half inch expected before night. Tonight - 40% chance of showers and patchy fog with a low around 55.

Ash Wednesday/Valentines Day - 20% chance of showers, fog before 9 AM warmer with a high near 74, winds from the south at 5-10 mph.

Going out this afternoon? Take an umbrella and keep a good eye on the children.