One of the hottest topics in the country today is pain relief. We all hurtin' somewhere at some time. When I was about 20 years old an older coach (my age now) hobbled into the dressing room and said: "Boy's if I'd known I was going to live this long, I would have been more careful in my youth".

We all got a big laugh out of that, as we continued suiting up in full pads, helmets, and had various parts of our bodies covered in athletic tape. This was the age of 'rub a little dirt on it, it'll stop the bleeding' knowledge of sports trainers. Nothing hurt much then, all my friends and I were absolutely indestructible.

That was then, but now I can honestly say: If I'd known I was going to live this long...

Lonesome George - Indestructible

Pain relief and specifically opioid abuse is the searing topic in America today. Maybe it was the rise of extreme sports along with all the other ball ones, people simply participating in more recreational softball and bowling leagues that has precipitated all this physical anguish many are experiencing today. The bone and joint clinics in most cities do a lot of business.

That's Why They Call it Dopamine

While I'm not an organic chemist, I've heard it said that opioids don't actually do anything for you at the site of that old knee, ankle or shoulder wreck. They work in your brain so you don't care about the pain. Presumably, for those that abuse opioids without legitimate physical injury or recent surgery, the problem is they are particularly interested in the don't care part.

And by the way, it's a nasty chemical concoction in prescription form to be ingesting into your body.

Over the years, I've come to the point of realization where it seems that everything we need on earth, is here on earth. That is, I'm a fan of vitamin supplements and natural oils and healing methods. I'm of the opinion that God in his wisdom put everything here we'd likely ever need.

The Booze Lobby Did It

You don't have to be a historian to know that almost everything and anything used to be legal. Cocaine used to be in Coca-Cola and available 'over the counter' in drugstores to put a little pep in your step. Laudanum could be bought by the bottle for cripes sake.

You remember, Mattie Earp was steadily sipping on it in Tombstone, much to Wyatt's chagrin. This opioid 'epidemic' ain't really a new business.

Allow me for this post to skip and jump all over 20th Century American History for a moment to say that once the alcohol brewers succeeded in having the Volstead Act overturned thus re-opening America for legal liquor sales, they took action to get all kinds of things outlawed so they wouldn't face competition. Members of Congress then and now always needed campaign contributions.

If you could grow marijuana in your garden legally next to the tomatoes, why would you spend hard earned money on a six pack? Just sprinkle a little of the ground up leaves in the spaghetti sauce and sleep like a baby.

Getty Images - Marshawn Lynch and Joe Montana at First Family Foundation Charity Event

In a recent interview, Joe Montana who owns four Super Bowl rings as quarterback of the NFL San Francisco 49'ers admitted that cannabis "eased his pain." Montana said legalization is now picking up steam, and that his experiences with this "medicine" have spurred him to advocate for its further legalization and education regarding its curing properties.

Montana isn't just admitting he's utilized the simple herb for pain relief, he's putting his money behind it as well, investing a little over $4 million dollars in the cannabis business.

Oh but those days when you and Jerry Rice edged out my Cowboys for the Lombardi Trophy - Joe, all those things I said about you then still stand.

But on behalf of the many sufferers of hard to treat autoimmune diseases, cancers, physical injury and numerous other painful maladies, you are appreciated for helping move closer toward the goal of legalization now.

Because if I knew I was going to live this long...