The ninth head coach of the storied Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League has been named, Mike McCarthy from the Green Bay Packers. McCarthy was fired by the Packers at the end of 2018. He sat on the sidelines without a team all of 2019 even though he'd won a 2010 Super Bowl with the Packers.

The headlines of this post indicate that McCarthy will coach the Cowboys for two to three years. This is a prediction largely based on the failures of owner Jerry Jones over the past three decades to get over the fact that while he is a superior businessman, with incredible business sense, he seemingly does not know very much about the actual game of football.

Getty Images - Cowboy owner Jerruh Jones giving Head Coach Jason Garrett last minute coaching instructions before heading up to the owners box for a few drinks.

Jones was misaligned by the firing of the only coach the Cowboy's had ever had, Tom Landry, when he bought the team before the 1989 season. Smart businessman Jerry made a tough choice but he knew he needed the best younger coach out there and he called on his old friend and team mate Jimmy Johnson who'd won three national championships coaching in the college ranks.

And in short-time, while Jerry worked on paying for the franchise, Jimmy worked on building a championship team. Which he did, and won two Super Bowls in '93 and '94. Then Jerry, who by his own admission had had a few drinks declared 'any one of half dozen coaches could win the Super Bowl with this team" taking a very public, and very wrong shot at Coach Jimmy. No private apology to Jimmy from Jerruh could heal the public wound Jimmy'd received. Jimmy quit as only the second coach, of the Cowboys.

Then Jerruh picked Barry Switzer to be 'any one of a half dozen coaches' and sure enough in '96 ol' Barry won a Cowboy Super Bowl with Jimmy's handpicked team.

But the Bottom Line is, Jerry fancies himself the coach of the Cowboys. The face of the franchise, The Man. Players since the time of Jimmy Johnson have had a back-door access to the owner. Which undercuts player morale, when the head coach of a football team, particularly in the pro's is 'The Man'.

Jason Garrett had as of yesterday a 26 year long involvement with the team as a player, then assistant then head coach. Prior to that Garrett's father had been a scout with the team dating back into the Landry days up until 2004. Garrett was a Cowboy. A former QB who came in for a dazed concussed Troy Aikman and led a fine comeback win on a Thanksgiving Day long ago.

Jerruh owns, holds, and pulls the Strings All The Time

But even all that history, and even being favored by the ownership, when you're also shackled by ownership those last few steps to the football crown room become very hard to take. Jerry Jones has spent 26 seasons trying to prove he's as football smart as Jimmy Johnson, all the while Jimmy has chuckled and grinned from in front of the glare of TV lights every Sunday in the pre-game shows. Nothing, the big stadium, the mega deals Jerry has cut to build the richest NFL team in history mean anything, if he can't produce a championship team without Johnson.

That's all you need to know about Dallas Cowboy football. Get the idea out of your head that the Cowboys will ever win another Super Bowl with Jones Family Ego in control. Jason Garrett lasted multiple disappointing seasons because he was 'Cowboy Family'. And he understood Jerruh is the face (well stretched and Botox'd) of the franchise.

Bill Parcells a strong NFL coach took a shot at being the sideline man in the Jones organization. Parcells wasn't used to taking orders from the owners box and while he spotted Tony Romo, was able to do little else on the Jones Farm. You see, no strong coach will accept the Cowboy's job, even with all the prestige it comes with. I'd doubt a Bill Bellichek would even take a phone call from Jones, much less become his sideline sock-puppet.

Those of us that date back to Dandy Don Meredith's bleeding noses in black and white on 1960s televisions know that no Super Bowl trophy will ever visit the Cowboy locker room while Jerry Jones barks Johnnie Walkers Blue influenced orders down from the owners suite.

C'mon Jerry, just put the whistle over your head and go on down to the sidelines on Sundays and just do what we all know you have been doing for a quarter century: screwing up the team.

So, enter Mike McCarthy, formerly of the Green Bay Packers. Wise Cowboy scouts are likely already searching the high school ranks for McCarthy's replacement shortly after the 2022 season. Without Garrett's long-time ties to the team, and Jerruh's at least, sentimental affections for the incoming coach, McCarthy will last two seasons, maybe three.

As for Jason Garrett, I wish him luck. I hope he gets another HC job and shows the football world what his talents truly are, when the owner isn't screaming in one ear down from the owners box. Go Jason, take a team, build it and beat the 'Boy's with it. Beat Jerruh with it.