True Confession: once in my terrible twenties I attended a late night party where marijuana was being served. The smoke hung thick in the air like you might imagine a 1950s film noir pool-hall scene. There was a lot. The host had a tray that some were rolling joints from, the weed on the tray piled high like the cocaine in Al Pacino's Scarface scenes.

Fortunately, I believe it was a Friday night and sometime late Saturday afternoon when I awakened poolside, partially hanging in the water from the diving board my head didn't hurt like an alcohol hangover, it was more like someone had exchanged my brain for a bowling ball. I simply had a dull awareness of my surroundings and a slow mental/physical reaction to almost everything for the next couple of days.

Today, 53 year-old boxing champ Mike Tyson has said in an interview that he consumes some $40,000 worth of weed a month on his California ranch that grows, what else, pot. That sounds like a lot, and it is. A phone call to a dispensary in Colorado revealed that today's price for twenty-eight grams or one ounce of premium marijuana sells for around $120 before sales tax. (another 40%)

At that rate Mike Tyson would be ingesting some 333 ounces per month. That's twenty pounds!

The interview was part of a podcast called Hotboxin with Mike Tyson. Tyson stated the consumption is about equal between him and his business partner. Listeners to the cast initiated remarks along the lines of disbelief in the volume. He must have a central air system that just blows it all through the house said one commenter. He's paying too much said another, but remember he owns the ranch where it's growing. Even among seasoned users, this amount is high-ly unbelievable.

Over his career, Tyson is estimated to have earned some $700 million dollars in the ring, though today his net worth is somewhere in the three-million dollar range. You don't earn that kind of money in the prize ring without some serious capacities for self-abuse. Boxing training alone would likely kill me with the running and workouts.

The man was Worlds Champion in one of the most brutal one-on-one sports mankind has devised. So, it's quite possible Tyson consumes these kind of pot quantities. And if it made his brain feel like a bowling ball as it did mine, it sure would explain a lot about Tyson's non-boxing life choices.

The ear-biting, the tattoos, the exotic pets, and the whole Robin Givens thing.