Miley Cyrus is taking the tears she shed over the 2016 Presidential Election — in which Americans voted Donald Trump to serve as the nation's 45th president — and turning them into valuable action.

Earlier today (November 10), the "Wrecking Ball" singer shared an Instagram video in which she proudly laid out plans for her #HopefulHippies campaign, an initiative she'd just launched that will serve as an extension of her Happy Hippies nonprofit organization. She said her first plan of attack — in honor of Hillary Clinton — is to address education by means of, but clarified that she designed #HopefulHippies to also address LGBT rights, women's rights and social justice issues as part of its mission.

"No more crying coming from me," Miley says in the video above. "I am accepting, hopeful, inspired and smiling...I'm excited to see what we can do together."

"I love you all so much, peace is what we need to be stronger together," she added.

Cyrus encouraged fans to share their pledges to contribute, and followers heard the call to action loud and clear. Immediately, they flooded the pop star's comments section with vows to help.

"As a special education teacher it's so important to know that others value our teaching!" one wrote, while another noted "Kill them with kindness I nutcase can stop the world's progression!"

Head over to Happy Hippies' website for more on how you can contribute.

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