The Madonna dam is breaking. Madonna “leak week” continues, as more possible track titles have been revealed via fan site Madonnarama, which clearly has the inside track to a source with lots of information at their disposal.

Another possible song is called ‘Bang Bang,’ which is said to be a mid-tempo song helmed by William Orbit. It’s reportedly uptempo and will boast intimate lyrics that center on subjects such as bitter love, temptation, violence and even murder. Oooh! That sounds scandalous and a little bit dirty. We’re psyched that Madge has not dulled her edge, even though she’s a mom of three, with Lourdes, Rocco and David at home.

With the demo of ‘Give Me All Your Love‘ (sans reported featured guests Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. and posted online much to Madge’s and her manager’s chagrins), more information is starting to filter through the web and it appears that there is nothing that Madonna’s camp can do to quickly plug the holes.

Earlier this week, we reported on a track called ‘Girls Gone Wild,’ would be featured on the album, while an alleged European tour itinerary also surfaced online, as well.

While Madge and her handlers aren’t psyched that someone is giving up tons of info (or falsifying it), there is an upside to all this Madonna talk. She is building incredible hype for her upcoming studio album, which will be her 12. Her name has been popping up in the blog-o-sphere all week, and excitement is burning at a fevered pitch. Madonna is gong to be back in a big, big way in 2012, so the foundation is being laid with all this buzz and chatter in the digital space.

Embrace it, Madge.