Though I'm not really one for causes, protests, marches and demonstrations I feel I could get behind this: Saturday is World Naked Gardening Day.

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In a world where television entertainment has been stripped down to programs like 'Naked and Afraid' I suppose tooling around in the privacy of your own backyard garden in your birthday suit likely isn't a big deal to many.

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But the (this site shows naked people and may not be suitable for all work or other environments)  World Naked Gardening Day organizers aren't satisfied with having you tend your own petunias peeled, they advise 'daring' groups to make rapid habiliment-free sorties into public places and parks to do community friendly stealthy garden cleanups.

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Naturally, there's nothing 'sexual' about all this... after all who could get in the mood with a thorn in their gluteal regions while rolling around in ants?

As near as I can tell the basic motivation for apparel free fertilizing and other garden chores is to have fun, and move our culture toward a healthy sense of both body acceptance and having a natural relationship with, well... nature.

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Organizers insist you do some kind of nekkid gardening Saturday, the first Saturday in May even if it's just watering  your tulips in the privacy of your own home.  And importantly they want you tell someone, anyone, everyone.  Tell your friends about your naked gardening experience, post it on your social media, help spread the word and how you felt about your finery free participation.

Finally I'll say to the end of documenting and publicizing your garment free garden experience, shapely curvy blondes planning a clothing free Saturday in the sunshine and needing a nonplussed photographer for quasi-scientific study and analysis only, please email me here at Classic Rock 92.1

And keep this in mind, it's snake season.