Staying in for a low key night with pizza and a movie never looked so good!

It's date night and you really don't feel like going anywhere, so you are your significant other settle on ordering a pizza and staying in to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. Honestly, I prefer that to most date nights anyways, but even the most laid back evenings could use a little something special once in a while, like watching your movie  on a projector!

Thankfully Pizza Hut has our backs when it comes to the ultimate pizza and movie experience. The new Pizza Hut pizza box doubles as a projector for your smartphone. Genius! Now you can eat delicious pizza and watch your favorite movies all in one box. I'm seriously so happy I could cry, pizza and movies are my two favorite things.

Unfortunately, this amazing pizza box projector is only available in Hong Kong. Yeah, I know, my heart just broke a little too. Who's down to take a trip to Japan and have a pizza and movie party? I'll bring the movies.

[via IGN]