Dorian has come and gone and let's hope that no matter what their strength, future storms will have a better idea of where they want to go and not dally offshore forcing millions into a life and death game of patience for days and days. It's no fun when you've nervously eaten up all the good hurricane cookies and snacks and the dang thing is still a hundred miles out and stuck.

If you'd like to contribute to the restoration of services and help the poor people of the Bahamas who withstood 140 mph winds for days, who are in floodwaters that reportedly contains live sharks, go with what you know and trust. If you prefer to support local efforts, make sure they're on the up and up. Otherwise, you can simply go to the Red Cross and Salvation Army websites and make a donation specific to Dorian relief.

Southwest Louisianans and Southeast Texan' know that the Red Cross is there with shelter, food, blankets, and immediate survival necessities and the Salvation Army the same and with longer-term food-trailers dispatched to trouble areas. Many long days after Hurricane Rita ended with the family trekking to the SA food trailer to line up for hot dogs that were appreciated and astonishingly delicious at the time.

And somebody with the Salvation Army was a dang good BBQ chef after Hurricane Harvey in '17. We wanted that trailer to anchor down in the parking lot and become a permanent town fixture.

At this juncture the NWS has Dorian advisories over Atlantic Canada, the storm toppled a construction crane in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I wonder if the Trailer Park Boys saw it fall?

National Weather Service Miami - Sept 8, 2019 0800 AM

This morning the National Weather Service issued a statement regarding an area of low pressure and disorganized showers and thunderstorms about 700 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands. The chance of further formation over five days is at forty percent.

And a group of disorganized showers a few hundred miles northeast of the N Leeward Islands looks like it's development may be shunted by upper -evel winds taking the tops off the system. Like just eating the top off a muffin, the strength of what's left in the cup is severely diminished.

You can read the latest update for yourself here, my Sunday morning muffins are just about ready to come out of the oven.