Just yesterday, a group of us were discussing the shelf life of sandbags. From the result of many obtaining the icons of last hope last week during Barry, questions are circulating as to what to do with them after the threat passes. Keep 'em, I say.

If they didn't get wet, they're just bags of sand. You never know when you might need them again. Heck, I'd stack them over time like cords of firewood people in the mountains have piled around the homestead. You never know when you'll get snowed in again or when the next storm will stir up. Keep them around just like all those extra snacks, bottles of water, and canned veggies.

Which brings us to a tropical wave in the Atlantic with a few associated scattered showers in tow. However, at this time, no significant convection is noted near the feature, meaning that for now, it's a nice calm, cool area of rain moving over the water, likely creating breathtaking ocean rainbows for cruise ship fans. We'll keep a lookout on it though, as it might just become next week's big weather news.

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