Admittedly today is a rainy day and the kids are inside reading books, coloring and working on jigsaw puzzles. Oops, I'm in the wrong generation, pardon me, the kids are inside the next day or two playing video games.

But by the weekend this little folderol of a would-be tropical storm will have passed the sun will be shining and there's nothing better than getting into the great outdoors running out some of that captured energy and filling the lungs with fresh humid air.


Sam Houston Jones State Park a Local Treasure

And the perfect place to do that is virtually right in our backyard. Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff is over 1,000 acres of camping, hiking, boating paradise.

And you can do what I call light camping. That is we'd go out with a tent and a few supplies and have the outdoor experience roasting marshmallows over a fire, but knew if we forgot something we were still literally minutes away from the house, grocery stores and fast food. Not like nowadays when my son and daughter-in-law haul me out to the outback wilds of Colorado hours away from the nearest store selling Moon Pies.

Google Maps - Sam Houston Jones State Park

Bring Your Boat

At Sam Houston you can kayak, canoe or launch anything up to about 30' at either of the two boat launches and you'll enter into the West fork of the Calcasieu River. Many swear by the bass fishing in the area.

There is a small fee, got to keep the park up you know and lawnmowers cost money. For $3 a person at the gate, those over 62 and kids 3 and under get in free and have access to all the parks features, hiking trails and so on. It's the perfect place too to ride bikes with the family as motor traffic is sparse inside the park and limited to 10 mph.

While I typically like to write about totally free things to do with the kids, like the Creole Nature Trail and others, the small park entrance fee is totally worth it.

Pack a lunch, even if it's a bag full of dollar cheeseburgers and head on out to the park there's a world of nature and new discovery right under your nose.

If you've never been your first stop is the parks own website here.