Two of the big jobs sodium does in our bodies are the regulation of blood pressure and assistance in the transmission of nerve impulses.  There are a myriad other things salt can do for us, the body and its mechanisms still are largely mysterious to us.

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Now comes new studies from the Russians (the ones that control our elections) based on their space program that indicated eating more salt actually reduces thirst and increases hunger!  This contradicts almost two centuries of medical belief that salt makes you more thirsty and raises your blood pressure.  Experts in the study of our kidneys are stunned at these new findings.

Everything we currently believe, think and have been told about salt may be wrong, or at least a ways off base.  A Russian scientist started these studies back in 1991 so this is no overnight knee-jerk conclusion based on a weekend of margaritas.

So there, salt ain't so bad after all.  I'm headed out to have a large order of fries and plenty of salt.