I know, I know, this is not a dog, but Shannon has been living with her foster puppy brothers and sisters at 4 Paws Society Inc. since she was 5 days old and now she is looking for her forever home!

Shannon was found in the middle of the road on Lake Street and a police officer was nice enough to stop traffic to save her. She is one of the friendliest kittens you will ever meet, maybe it's because she's grown up around a bunch of dogs, or maybe she is just naturally a sweetheart. I think she looks like a cuter version of Grumpy Cat, but I promise she is not grumpy in the slightest!

If Shannon seems like the fur-baby for you you can find out more information through 4 Paws Society Inc. The foster parents, rescuers and volunteers at 4 Paws Society Inc are AMAZING and if you would like to help out, foster, or make a donation OR look at any of the other 30+ dogs up for adoption you can reach out to 4 Paws by:

Phone – (337)-287-3552

E-Mail – fourpawssociety@aol.com

Website – www.4pawssocietyinc.com

Facebook – 4 Paws Society Inc.