With plenty of moisture available in the upper atmosphere we already expected rain the early part of this week and now Tuesday's chances are up a bit due to thunderstorms out over the Gulf, expected to move toward the coast in the next twenty-four hours.

While some slight organization of the system centered by a low not too far offshore is expected, no significant acceleration of development is anticipated before it drifts ashore in the next 24-36 hours.

The result will likely be a range of showers from sprinkles to down and out gully washers of relatively short duration. As well, as the low moves in over land locally heavy rainfalls could produce short duration issues with rivers, gullies and gutters inland as well as closer to the coast as the water comes down.

While it's always good to be ready for anything, we'll mainly need just need to keep the umbrella ready for action and the galoshes nearby the next few days.

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