Like a tattoo the chances for rain are deeply embedded into our forecast well into midweek and some chances exist at least through the middle of the month, plus we have a potential cool front expected later in the week that could suck all of the normal daytime temps away leaving us with overnight lows in the mid 60s and even the 50s in another seven or eight days.

For us at least, that cool weather event will be welcome and I know families that are chomping at the bit for that first cold night Gumbo.

Tropics of October

October is a bona fide hurricane month, while the month doesn't often see the activity of late August and September it isn't unusual or unheard of to have an October hurricane.

Presently Tropical Storm Michael is located just off the eastern Yucatan coast and threatens the Mississippi and Alabama coasts by sometime late in the day Tuesday, and will likely cross the beach as a tropical storm. Winds are 40 MPH with movement to the north at 6 mph.

Sadly it appears at this time that the track will take the storm over the soaked Carolinas still recovering from Hurricane Florence a couple weekends ago.

Trop Dep 14 10.7.18 10AM National Hurricane Center

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