While most of us were asleep last night, at the busy Fed Ex sorting compound in Schertz, Texas a San Antonio suburb, a package bound for Austin moving between two conveyor belts exploded shortly after midnight today.

Authorities believe the latest explosion is linked to four other random bomb attacks recently in the central Texas area that has proved fatal for two and injured four others. An employee of the sorting center was taken to the hospital after suffering a hand injury, it is not believed she was struck by bomb components, but rather injured by the concussion.

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Police in Texas warns that a serial bomber is on the loose and so far no clear pattern of victims has emerged and the attacks seem to be completely at random. This is the first time a device has gone off in transit, though it may have been timed to detonate while in transit.

In the past three weeks three parcels blew up in front of Austin homes and a fourth just this past Sunday night was triggered on an Austin street by a nearly invisible tripwire.

As of this time, authorities have made no arrests and have no suspects but have stated the devices appear to be getting more sophisticated as the Random Bomber seems to be learning on the job.

With a lack of evidence proving otherwise police presently believe all the bombings are related.