The poor Dorian victims are likely still wading through shark infested flood waters, Cape Hatteras new name could easily be Cape Battered-us and a relaxing after dinner check with the National Hurricane Center in Miami this evening has revealed some ugly orange X pointed our way, far too soon to think about more tropical stuff.

As for me I don't like the orange X, or that yellow X out behind it off the coast of Africa. I'm not a meteorologist and I don't ever remember even sleeping in a Holiday Inn Express so, oh wait. I did once spend one night in a Holiday Inn Express many many years ago. As it  happened it was the very night before I was abruptly called to perform an emergency appendectomy on a fellow tourist on a mountain tour in the Himalayas, of which I was a traveling party member.

In the absence of a proper operating theater and access to modern surgical tools and suture supplies, I made-do with my Swiss Army Knife and for sutures a cat-gut E string hurriedly taken off a nearby strolling violinist's instrument. Never found out who this Stradivari fellow the violinist was screaming about is. Sounded like he makes fiddles and has a music shop somewhere in Italy. Anyway sorry I broke the neck off the git while removing the string with the knifes saw-blade, looked like an old violin anyway and a new one will sound much louder.

Getty Images - Jan Kubelik

Moving on, the impromptu patient was so grateful to me for my heroics and quick thinking in saving his life and he quickly almost miraculously recovered before our astonished eyes. Before I departed he presented me with a special Talisman with secret powers and consecrated only that very morning by the Dalai Lama himself and, later he showed me the secret mountain lair of an unknown Yeti.

I'd intended to include photos of him, the Talisman and Yeti to round out this post, but sadly they and many other treasures from the great adventure that has been my life were destroyed or lost in Hurricane Harvey's flooding.

Back to the Weather

As stated however I am not a meteorologist but a coastal Gulf dweller with a wide litany of tropical brouhaha experience under my vest. And because of that experience I hope we and no one else has a thing to worry about from the Xs out there now but we'll be watching cause High School football has started, and no one has time for a storm.

The weather service reports a trough over the Turks and Caicos is producing thunderstorms from there and into the southeastern Bahamas, yeah they need more rain, extending northward over the Atlantic a few hundred miles. Presently the rating for formation over the next five days is at forty percent.

Time to consider a road trip, those Holiday Inn Expresses are really something.