So, Shaquille O'Neal called it a career last week. While the Shaq Diesel feels he's run out of gas, we think he's got some more in the tank and would love to see him give it a go for another season.

But he's not the only one who could make a compelling return. Here's a look at six other athletes we'd like to see come out of retirement for one last hurrah.

Kurt Warner

He walked away from the Arizona Cardinals following the 2009 season, even though his game was still sharp. He's kept busy by competing on 'Dancing with the Stars' and has reportedly been working out with some Cardinals during the current lockout. The Cardinals have never filled the QB void created when he retired, so he'd be a good fit.

Michael Jordan

He's arguably the greatest basketball player of all-time and he's won every personal and team honor there is to win, but you get the feeling he could still kick some serious butt if he wanted. He did it once after a less-than-spectacular attempt at baseball. He owns the Charlotte Bobcats and they could certainly use some help, so why not have MJ suit up?

Willie Gault

The 50-year-old former Chicago Bears receiver is reportedly in ridiculously good shape. How good? He can run the 40 in 4.4 seconds. Gault, who won a Super Bowl with the Bears, can fly faster than a good portion of today's receivers, but can he elude those rough-and-tumble NFL secondaries? It'd be fun to see.

Manny Ramirez

His homers made highlight reels and so did his off-the-field "Manny being Manny" antics. His short-lived stint with the Tampa Bay Rays came to an abrupt end early this season after he violated Major League Baseball's drug policy for a second time. Rather than face a suspension, he hung up his cleats. But if Ramirez could come back – he'd have to serve a suspension first – we think it'd be fun to see him, his 555 career dingers and his dreadlocks once more.

Mike Tyson

He hasn't fought competitively since 2005, but you can bet a whole lot of people would love to see Iron Mike, 44, get back in the ring. He's kept busy recently starring in 'The Hangover' films, freaking people out with his face tattoo and scaring them with his bizarre quotes, but there has always been a fascination with his behavior, so lacing up the gloves once more would get fans talking.

Brett Favre

We know, we know. We have all had it with Favre's see-saw attitude when it comes to retirement, as well as hearing about his troubles with female reporters, and the way he was knocked around like a piñata last season pretty much sealed his current retired status, but would you really be surprised if he couldn't stay on the sidelines?

What do you think? Is there an athlete you'd like to see slide the uniform back on?