Oh, you love bacon? So do I! Let's date!

The second best thing to dating actual bacon is dating someone who loves bacon just as much as you do. I know, you're probably thinking "who doesn't love bacon?" and I can't answer that question, because I'm pretty sure everyone loves bacon. But, there are different levels of bacon love, and some people like their bacon cooked a specific way. I like my bacon a little crispy, but still kinda chewy, so if I dated someone who loved super crispy, borderline burnt bacon we would probably break up pretty quickly. Seriously, Sizzl might just be the key to finding true love.

I mean, yeah, Sizzl is totally a genius marketing stunt for Oscar Meyer, but it actually is a functioning dating app. Yep, I sure did download it to make sure it was legit! You just log in through Facebook, answer a few bacon related questions, and the app will bring up bacon lovers in your area! I just hope that someone finds love on Sizzl and invites me to their bacon themed wedding. Ugh, so romantic.

So, are you a single bacon lover and ready to get your Sizzl on?

[via BuzzFeed]