Without butchering the philosophers question about a tree falling in the woods with no one around to catch it, let me ask is a taco a taco if it has no shell? No, it's some kind of salad.

A Slidell citizen highly miffed because the local Taco Bell ran out of soft and hard shells called the police department to lodge a complaint.

While no mention was made of the time of day the complaint was called in, I do understand that at two in the morning when a lot of tacos get sold, not having that greasy crunchy snack just exactly when and how you want it can be distressful.

But calling the police? Not sure what's dumber here, calling the cops or eating at Taco Bell. But here's a message to the Slidell Police Department: this is nacho problem. There are no laws on the books against a business running out of stock. It ain't even a misdemeanor, though the more the customer missed his tacos the meaner he got.

A quick call to the manager of the store at the Slidell Taco Bell on Gause Boulevard about the incident remains un-returned.