A few years ago, the thought of a smart phone app in so many aspects of life was non-sense. Last week we heard about the app for skin cancer detection and this week something totally different and useful! This time, we can throw out the theme park maps! Grab the smart phone and find out more than ever!

Need maps, wait times for rides and restaurant tips for Walt Disney World and other central Florida attractions? There's an app for that.

Plenty of them, actually. And they could prove useful for visitors heading to Orlando for Presidents Day week (beginning Feb. 24), traditionally one of the busiest times for theme parks, with many kids off from school.

Software developers started tapping into smart-phone users' zeal for theme parks a couple years ago, and dozens of applications are now available for iPhones, Droids and other handheld devices that can make park visits more efficient and fun. A few can be downloaded free, but most cost a few dollars.

via Smart phone apps for theme park visitors - Yahoo! News.

Technology like this makes me excited to see what's next! I can't imagine how much more we could possibly use our phones for. The funny part is how we were so excited less than 12 years ago to just be able to make a call outside of the house! Unbelievable!