We all knew Snoop Dogg's claims that he was headed to Canada following Donald Trump's election win would come to a quick end—recreational marijuana is now legal in his home state of California.

As we said yesterday California, Nevada and Massachusetts all voted to legalize recreational marijuana-- a major victory in the ongoing push to decriminalize the drug and get other states to follow suit.

Of course, the passing of Proposition 64 in Cali is great news for weed proponent, Snoop Dogg. The veteran rapper, who has long pushed for its legalization, is even executive producing a new MTV series Mary + Jane, about two young women who run a weed delivery service.

“With the world going crazy for marijuana and it’s America’s topic of conversation right now, as far as the legalization of it all," Snoop explained in an interview with Esquire. "The health issues and higher health insurance and the money – it’s making and Denver, Colorado and other parts of the world where it’s becoming legalized. It’s becoming a big business now. It’s good to show the intricacies of some dealers – female dealers – and giving the insight of the underworld before it becomes the over world.”

The 45 year-old rapper went on Twitter to express his joy and to promote his marijuana based product in conjunction with HydroGalaxy. #SmokeWeedEveryday... legally.