Well I'm quite sure Stoners everywhere will be happy about today's news. Snoop Dogg is looking to share his love for marijuana with the world.  According to AllHipHop Uncle Snoop is launching a website strictly dedicated to his favorite past time.

The Doggfather is teaming up with his agent, entrepreneur/founder of talent management company Cashmere Agency, Ted Chung.  The two are expanding their working relationship by bringing together weed lovers everywhere on their new website, MerryJane.com.
Only in America right?  Now Stoners have a bonafide site on the web to get everything from a bag or two, to recipes, even LEGAL business ventures.  Uncle Snoop explaned his vision and unveiled his new project at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco.  TechCrunch seemed rather impressed and deemed the site a “crossroads of pot culture, business, politics, [and] health.”

MerryJane.com is a one-stop-shop and as we all know, this is right up Snoops alley. AllHiphop reports the rapper/actor said of his site, “I was investing on creativity. Then it became more business. Then it was things that I liked, for example the cannabis industry.” Peep the video below, get more details as to where Snoop and his new site are going and how it came about.

By the way, MerryJane.com will also offer some pointers in teaching visitors how to choose the best strain of marijuana to smoke.  To smoke is to eat, right?  Just so happens users will be able to pick-up the latest and greatest edible dishes using herb as well.

On the business end, coming soon Dispensaries will be able to run their own digital store through the site. Chung says the site will focus on the business side of the marijuana world and looks for the sight all about the green to become a premier source of news for chiefers around the globe.

FYI, until the official launch in October Snoop revealed 420 people will be allowed to join MerryJane.com everyday.

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