A swamp tour on an airboat is a unique Louisiana experience. Thousands of visitors to our state take these tours every year without incident. Unfortunately, such a tour in Lafourche Parish ended in tragedy when a tour boat collided with a mud boat in  Bayou Des Allemends.

A spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries,Adam Einck, said the fatal crash occurred near Mud Lake.

There were six people on the air boat, they were uninjured, the mud boat operator did suffer fatal injuries. He was taken by ambulance to a St. Charles Parish hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

The deceased was identified as 35-year-old Bart Dufrene, Jr from Des Allemends.

In his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network Einck suggested that the particular location on the bayou where the incident occurred probably had a lot to do with its cause.

We’re not sure what the rate of speed was at this time but definitely I guess it was a pretty sharp bend in the bayou that they met on, just think it was a lack of vision.

None of the six passengers on the air boat were injured.