In an effort to re-brand the restaurant, Taco Bell will now be serving beer, wine and mixed drinks. Don't get too excited though, as of right now this menu change is only taking place at TB's Wicker Park location in Chicago.

The new alcohol serving Taco Bell's will feature more open kitchens and fancy serving basket, as well as a more “urban” aesthetic, with exposed brick walls and murals. According to, boozy drinks will be served only to customers eating inside, and they will come in special cups to distinguish them from regular soft drinks. Oh yeah, and this new boozey Taco Bell is hiring a bouncer. If you ask me this new TB sounds like my kind of place!

Seriously though, every time I drink all I want to do is eat Taco Bell, so this new menu sounds like a dream come true! If you can't find me on a Friday night just look in the window of the local TB, because I will be sipping a glass of wine and eating a quesadilla. And when I say "sipping a glass of wine and eating a quesadilla", I really mean "ordering a shot of vodka for my Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze and devouring a Taco 12 Pack".

Ok, Taco Bell I think we are all super pumped about your new alcohol infused re-branding strategy, so could you speed up the process and get these places going world wide ... or, at least, in Louisiana?

[via Fortune]