Game of Thrones

HBO Hackers Say More Leaks Are Coming This Sunday
The 2014 Sony Pictures hack taught us that infodumps can stretch on for months at a time, and the recent HBO breach was said to be several times larger. Following the initial leak of Game of Thrones script pages and several comedy episodes, it now seems the next batch of stolen material will emerge …
Hodor Lives in 'Game of Thrones'-Themed KFC Ad
Poor Hodor got perhaps Game of Thrones’ least-deserved end, and one hopes his afterlife would be far more pleasant. Well, that afterlife is apparently a KFC, as a new commercial with Thrones alum Kristian Nairn memorably recalls the gentle giant’s tragic end.
'Game of Thrones' Gets an Official Wine For Sale
Game of Thrones has long had its own line of beers for fans to celebrate with, and it seems crazier than a Mad King to be without an official wine. No longer, as a Santa Rosa winery will bring us three different varieties for every generation of Lannister to poison themselves with, some more quickly…

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