Let Me Introduce Myself
What's up everybody? I'm Patrick Frey, otherwise known as P.A.T. and I will be hanging out with you guys every weekday afternoon on Lake Charles hit music station 92.1 Kiss FM. Some of you may or may not know who I am or anything about me so this is to get you guys more familiar with me, m…
Tonight Is Your Night Ladies
Yes! We made it to the weekend! Is it just me, or did this short work week go slower than the usual work week? Oh well, either way, tonight we will party into this weekend at City Limits! Ladies get in FREE and drink FREE all night long!
Hooters For The Students? Yes, It Happened
It's every eighth-grade boy's dream: a field trip that involves lunchtime at Hooters, a restaurant more renowned for its bust lines than its menu.
Though the central Pennsylvania middle school students may have been pleased, others were a little astounded at the teachers' restaurant of…
Personal Jetpacks A Reality This Summer? [VIDEO]
Those jetpacks we were promised? They could be coming soon.
Martin Jetpack, a New Zealand company which has been working on the personal jetpack for the last 27 years, had a successful test run of its latest prototype at 5,000 feet over the weekend.

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