Kesha ‘U Better Know’ Demo Leaks [AUDIO]
Rabbani and Solimene, Getty Images
Pop’s reigning party queen, Kesha, swapped getting crunk for guitar chords in a new demo. Idolator snagged a leak of ‘U Better Know,’ and it sounds like the glitter-clad singer is testing some new waters.
More Madonna Track Titles Leak
The Madonna dam is breaking. Madonna “leak week” continues, as more possible track titles have been revealed via fan site Madonnarama, which clearly has the inside track to a source with lots of information at their disposal.
Japan Faces Serious Radiation Leak From Quake
All of the things happening in Japan does bring us back to the days after Katrina in New Orleans. It seemed after the storm things kept falling apart. But, just like every other time, they stood up and got through it. If anything, the Japanese are already doing that better, with no trouble, looting,…