2016's Strangest Sick Day Excuses
I've heard some ridiculous sick day excuses before, but these take the cake. Literally, because one woman actually didn't go to work because she ate too much cake.
Stop a Cold in its Tracks with this Get Well Guide.
Being sick is the worst, and this time of year it seems like everyone is constantly battling a cold! As soon as you start to feel that tickle in your throat it's time to take action and stop that cold in its tracks. Everything you need to know on how to feel better fast is in this Get Well Guid…
123 Fall Ill After Night In Playboy Hot Tub
Last February, Hugh Hefner and his posse held a fundraising event at the notorious Playboy mansion.
And though many decadent, debaucherous parties lead to a few exchanged diseases, this one resulted in over 100 people reporting pneumonia and flu-like symptoms after the evening's shindig came to …