The Bella's go head to head with the Green Bay Packers in the new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer that debuted during the Super Bowl!

If I see anything Pitch Perfect 2 related on my TV I immediately freeze and watch the screen like my life depends on it. Mostly because I am super excited for PP2 to hit theaters May 15th and also because I'm hoping I'll catch a glimpse of myself in the trailer (I haven't yet). Yeah, you read that right, I might be in Pitch Perfect 2!! I was an extra in the "pool party" scene and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my "incredible" background acting makes it in the movie haha!

The latest trailer debuted during the Super Bowl and features the Barden Bella's going head to head with the Green Bay Packers in a riff off! It is awesome. Check out Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the Packers belt it out to Destiny Child's "Bootylicious"!!

-- Pitch Perfect