The self proclaimed human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, has made headlines with her shockingly plastic appearance, but her most recent photo's are the most Barbie-like yet!

I won't lie, I have a strange obsession with this human Barbie girl. It's so fascinating to me that someone would strive to look like a Barbie doll, but I still can't stop looking at her pictures. Haven't we all been told enough times that Barbie's dimensions are physically impossible to replicate on the human body? Seriously, Barbie's neck is ridiculously long and her head is way to small for her body, has no one noticed this? Clearly the idea of looking like Barbie has been too good to pass up for Valeria Lukyanova as she becomes more and more Barbie-like each day.

In the most recent photo's this Barbie wannabe has posted she doesn't even look real, is she real? Is she just photoshopped? No, she is definitely real, and she definitely grew a six-pack over night. What ever work out program she's on I want, just without the whole "looking like I'm made of plastic" aspect. You have to give it to her though, girl is dedicated!

I wonder if her ringtone is Aqua "Barbie Girl"?