And by 'official' I mean 'in my opinion'...

Taylor Swift is one lucky girl to have dated all those guys. Or are all those guys lucky to have dated Taylor Swift? She may have a list in her own mind of her favorite BF so far, but I am going to make my own list of all my favorite T-Swizzle romances, because she has dated some gorgeous, talented, perfect people. It's just not fair.

Oh and I am not including high school/not famous boyfriends, because I am mean and I don't really feel like they count!!!

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    Jake Gyllenhaal

    I know Jake and Taylor only had a quick little fling, but he is such a babe. He is kind of like the guy next door, only he's really attractive and famous. Out of all of these guys he seems to have his act together and looks like a pretty down to earth dude. I guess the song "We Are Never Getting Back Together" is about JG, which makes me very curious about what happened and hooowww she could say no if Jake if he really wanted to get back together. I don't think I would have enough will power to say no to that beautiful Jake Gyllenhaal face. He is DEFINITELY Taylor's best ex-bf.

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    John Mayer

    It pains me to put John Mayer in the #2 spot, because I think he is pretty perfect, buttttt clearly his relationship with Tay Tay was not perfect... they broke up... and she was really sad and wrote 'Dear John'. I'm sorry John broke your heart Taylor, that was not very nice, but I still love John. He has the voice of an angel and plays the guitar like no other. I was front row at a John Mayer concert once and I almost cried. Not really, but he was so talented and handsome in a dirty hippy kind of way that just made me want to go camping with him and listen to him play the guitar by the camp fire.

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    Harry Styles

    Ohhh Harry... he's the bad boy that every girl wants. Including me. He's definitely my favorite of the One Direction bunch. Harry and Taylor made a goofy couple, because she's such a good girl and they are so opposite, but I guess opposites attract sooo maybe it makes sense? Oh well, it's over now and rumor has it Taylor's song 'Out of the Woods' is written about him!

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    Taylor Lautner

    I loved when Taylor and Taylor loved each other! It was so cute!! And it makes me sad that Swiftie's song 'Back to December' was written about him. Maybe one day the will re-kindle their romance!

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    Joe Jonas

    Maybe a year-ish ago I would have had Joe a little higher on this list, but now his brother, Nick, is basically they sexiest man alive and I find myself saying "Joe who?". Soooo really he's lucky he even had a chance to be Taylor's boy-toy at one point in time.

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    Conor Kennedy

    Yes, Conor and Taylor were a cute couple. Just not cute enough. Sorry Con Con.