If you're looking to redeem your '90s self by raising a Tamagotchi, without accidentally killing it because you forgot to clean up it's poop, now's your chance!

I miss my Tamagotchi! I miss feeding it and watching it grown, I miss getting yelled at in class because it was beeping in my back pack, and I miss the feeling of pure happiness of finally raising a Tamagotchi to full adult status. Ugh, what a great toy! I probably wouldn't know how to take care of my dog if it wasn't for my old Tamagotchi. So, you can only imagine how pumped I was to hear that my favorite '90s toy is back in app form! The bad news is that I don't have an Apple Watch. I've never even wanted an Apple Watch until I heard about the Tamagotchi coming back. So, nice work Apple, you're about to make a zillion dollars worth of Apple Watch sales, because ever '90s kid is going to want the Tamagotchi app.

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Hold up! As I'm doing my Apple Watch/Tamagotchi research on Mashable.com I am learning that there is, indeed, a Tamagotchi app for iPhone's. How did I not know this? I feel like I am failing as a '90s kid right now.

The iPhone Tamagotchi app is $0.99, and when paired with the Apple Watch app, gives you the full blown Tamagotchi experience. I mean, if you have your Tamagotchi on your wrist all day there is no way you can ignore it. That little alien thing will definitely live forever!