While everyone is busy baking Christmas cookies and fruit cakes for parties, I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to incorporate more cheese into this not-so-cheesy holiday. I mean, let's be real, cheese is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

This little dilemma got me thinking about signature Christmas treats and how I could cheesify them, but I quickly realized that cheese frosted sugar cookies or cheesy gingerbread men were not a good idea. That's when it hit me, eggnog! Everyone loves eggnog! Everyone loves eggnog and everyone loves cheese, this is a match made in holiday food heaven.

So, I did a little research to find the perfect eggnog and cheese pairings. And, luckily, cheeserank.com is a real website and had some fabulous ideas. Plus, most of these pairings include mixing alcohol with your eggnog, which is always a great idea.

Keep your holiday classy and delicious with these eggnog/cheese pairings:

  • Stilton with a Tawny Port Eggnog
  • Caveman Blue with a Bourbon Eggnog
  • Montgomery's Cheddar with a Whiskey Eggnog