At least Snapchat video's are erased forever after you view them, right?

Yep, my fiance better watch out, because I'm about to start Snapchatting his sleep talk! I mean, I probably shouldn't, because I definitely talk in my sleep too and he will 100% get me back if he finds out I Snapped the hilarious things he says in his sleep, but it would be so flipping funny! Garrett, my fiance, is a great sleep talker, sometimes we have complete conversations and he doesn't even remember them in the morning!

This girl that Snapchatted her boyfriend talking in his sleep for six months is my hero. The videos are so ridiculously funny that her boyfriend wasn't even that upset when she finally told him! And he didn't even say anything too embarrassing, he mostly just made plans in his sleep haha.

-- BuzzFeedVideo