Don't lie you flip out too when you suspect a spider is in the room...

Seriously, I do a little crazy dance every time I walk through a spider web and I am not ashamed. The wispy, sticky feeling gives me the heebee geebees. Heck, I flip a little if a rogue strand of hair brushes up against my arm the wrong way. You know what I'm talking about, you start looking all over and rubbing your arms up and down trying to find that one, practically invisible, piece of hair. It's the worst.

Ok, back to this spider business. Yeah, this dude is overreacting just a little bit, but it's almost the same thing as when some people see a bee. They duck, and dive, and swat, and some people just straight up run away. I totally get it. It's a reaction you have no control over, your brain goes nuts and your body starts acting a fool. but We all do it, some people just lose it a little more than others.

High five to this dude and his family for representing a good 90% of people that don't love spiders or their icky, sticky webs. I feel your pain, bro, I feel your pain.

[via Inside Edition]